About Us

At Lavincci we’re not just about selling to you but our main aim our purpose of starting this business and where our heart is at is to help people in need, The profits of this business is to start a charity fund traveling to less fortunate countries and saving children’s life’s, Children are dieing because they don’t have the funds to receive the medications or treatments that they need or even food and water. And many on the streets some with no family all alone, our heart is with those people because no child should have to go through that because they didn’t choose that life, they had no say. We may not be able to safe all but along with other charities also doing what they can, we can atleast save some but we need your help to do this by simply purchasing something you love so your not giving your money away for free but your also getting something in return while saving a child’s life because each item you purchase the profits from that item goes towards this course. So you can wear this item gracefully and proud knowing the course it goes to. Not only this but our contact line is always available for anyone out there that just needs a friend, someone to talk to or may need advice. Doing this because I also came from a broken family and poor background and as a child was also alone, went through alot of depression and pain so i can relate and know how it feels but even then i know some of the people out there that i wanna help is even in a worse place then i was, by Gods grace that i’m still alive, found my path and able to do this today.

Also want to encourage all the young people out there that feel they cant be who they wanna be or achieve their goals because they have no family or just don’t have one that helps and supports them, “to never give up”, just keep your head up, work hard and know nothing is impossible, i didn’t have that family to hand it over to me or even support me, where i’m at, all this i did it on my own, so if i could do it so can you.

Now, do you find yourself jumping from one place to another, to find things for yourself or family because everywhere just target at specific audience or most places you go just follow the same fashion trend so you can’t find something more unique or different to suit your taste or you order something online and you receive it and the quality is very shocking or you don’t even receive it at all? Well I’ve been there and knew it’s time to make a difference, that’s how Lavincci became established in 2017. We do all  the hard work for you, bringing you unique amazing styles making sure quality fabric is used and the manufactures do quality jobs. Our products are designed and produced by the best of the best to provide Quality and Comfort using quality material and perfectly put together with latest and exotic styles and we’re always working on improving more with your feedbacks. Our brand is based in Sydney, Australia. We draw on premium quality items and using exquisite african colours and prints providing fashionable, exotic clothing for all gender and all ages, our aim is to cater for all because our story is about family so we aim on providing for your children, yourself, partner and even friends so your able to shop for your family all at 1 place. No more running around! Find unique, explicit fashion all here at this delightful one stop shop.


At Lavincci customer service is our number 1 key also being fair and the happiness of our customers is very important to us, so with any of our items, if you see another the same style and fabrics used at another store we will beat the total price including postage cost by 5% for you. This DOES NOT include shops like ebay, gumtree, wish or any other services like these and has to be located in Australia. You will have to send email of the ad you found with relevant information to research and that store have to still have stock items selling for that price.

The name Lavincci  was generated to express who we are, what we are about and that is Love, Togetherness, Family, Creativity and making a change. Our message for people is to love themselves, to be themselves and feel free to wear what makes them happy, not having to worry that someone else will think it’s weird. It’s all how you present it and if you feel good in it then flaunt it. Our moto is not to tell you our outfits will make you sexy, NO because no matter on all the different shapes and sizes out there, its what makes you unique and you, that should never depreciate your beauty, size doesn’t matter. When you believe you’ve got that beauty and show that confidence, your beauty will reflect and also shine on the outside. Lavincci  is all about giving you that confidence to do what makes you happy, be yourself and feel you, that’s why our moto is “do you, be you, feel you” GOOD LAVIN @ LAVINCCI.

Let’s love and look after our bodies and have confidence in ourselves, never let someone put you down or make you feel you’re not good enough, they will say it but you don’t have to believe it. The only person to have a say, is yourself. So if you’re happy about the way you look and confident, be free to show the world that, but if you’re not then it’s time to make a change for yourself, nothing is easy but if you believe you can achieve. At Lavincci we love our bright colors and patterns because it brings out life and happiness and our aim is to express this through my culture by sharing the exotic prints and outfits from my background which you’ll see in our swimwear range and further to see in our outfits soon.

Our graceful design has been a success and we are working hard to cater to you more styles to quench your desired taste and meet your specific needs. Love your body and show it off gracefully while reflecting class and unique exotic designs. Look no further, order what’s you today @ Lavincci where we show you good Lavin!!!